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Huatulco, simply a paradise.

Inside the beautiful state of Oaxaca, there is a majestic place where the pleasure, nature and tradition, merge in an spectacular destination, Huatulco.

By tradition one of the most popular cuisine, is the Oaxaca's one, they have more than 475 different specialities, for example the fried grasshoppers, or the Oaxaca cheese, also have a precious environment, specially Huatulco which is surrounded by 9 different bay's.

Imagine this place, Huatulco was one of the most important places since the Toltec's and Quetzalcoatl era, till now, Huatulco have a lot of traditions, handcraft markets, precious architecture and lovely places to visit and things to do.

Huatulco is one of the top ten honeymooners choice, because it is so relaxing and special.

Also you can take a spa massage and relax, or take a walk around a bay, or go and have fun to the most popular places at Tangolunda Bay, or Crucecita.

Enjoy Huatulco, Enjoy Mexico, we are waiting for you.

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